I’ve always preferred Apple over Samsung for smartphones. Both phones have great features and are everything you would want in a phone, but I just prefer the OS and user experience.

Recently, Apple has received a lot of flack for changes or “innovations” like the notched screen and removal of the headphone jack. While some of these innovations trickle down into other manufacturers, some of them can sure be questionable. Samsung took that opportunity and ran with it.

Samsung has been aggressively running a series of short 30 second spots featuring an Apple employee interacting with various customers. The customers pose questions about “features” and phone performance of Apple vs Samsung, only to get an over the top sarcastic response. They don’t shy away from anything and are very blunt about how Samsung is better than Apple. Even the campaigns title “ingenious,” is a direct stab at the Apple Genius that is featured in the commercial.

What I really like about the campaign, is how direct it is. It’s not something you see too often when a company is comparing features. The sarcastic comedy resonates well with possible concerns, and gets you thinking…

Take a look at a few of the ads. Are they effective?