Change is the only constant on Facebook. Algorithms and policies change on a weekly, if not daily basis. Consumers, and more so marketers, always have to be adapting to how they use the platform. Here are three strategies that are not working as well as they used to.

1. Organic Growth

Facebook is a business, and they need to make money. For Marketers, the systems today are very heavily pay-to-play. Scroll through your feed and count how many posts you see that are sponsored by brands. You’ll need to budget and plan for Facebook advertising costs to reach your audience.

It’s not to say you can’t organically grow. We recently reached more than a quarter of a million in a recent image post for one our clients. If it’s good, shareable content, you will see results. But put a bit of cash behind it, and you might just see more results.

2. Facebook Videos

Remember about two years ago when you would see recipe after recipe in your newsfeed? They were literally everywhere. And the reason was that the algorithm heavily favored video. Now, not so much. Videos still work, but they have the pay-to-play aspect like above. Facebook Live is what you need to use.

Facebook will organically push FB live videos into your audience’s news feed more than an image, post or regular video. Facebook Live is a great way to interact and develop a personal relationship with your audience. And best yet, half of your budget doesn’t need to go into Facebook advertising.

3. Facebook Pages

In the early days, Facebook pages felt more like a community that enjoyed your product or service. Discussion and interaction were easy from both sides. Now, layout changes like hiding the visitor posts have made Facebook pages feel like one giant billboard.

But it’s not to say you shouldn’t work on growing your Facebook page. You still need to do that. But consider focusing some of your efforts on Facebook groups. Facebook groups are a great place where you can interact and build a community that backs your product. Groups encourage discussion and if your service is truly great, consumers will be strong advocates for your brand.