As the world of video marketing continues to rise and evolve, so does the use of Facebook Live. Businesses are taking advantage of this easy online video opportunity to help market their products and services.

When used in the right way and to the correct audience, Facebook Live can provide a unique engagement opportunity with your customers and can boost your brand awareness.

Some examples of how businesses are using this platform:

  • Announce a new product (Create some buzz)
  • Get interactive with your customers and host a Q&A (Engage your customers in the conversation)
  • Give a live tour or ‘behind the scenes view’ (Take your audience to someplace they can’t go themselves)
  • Broadcast live from an event
  • Explain a product or offer a tutorial
  • Live interviews
  • Announce a contest winner (Give your users a reason to tune in)

By utilizing this platform correctly, you can:

  • Build trust and a sense of community
  • Connect in real time and reach customers faster
  • Drive traffic to your Facebook page and website
  • Build suspense and create excitement

Facebook Live can help create an authentic experience and lets users feel connected and can show your customers your brand’s personality. As with anything, too much of a good thing can be excessive, so take into consideration when and how often to ‘go live’.