There’s no escape when it comes to ads. They appear virtually everywhere and we see them so often that they’re a part of our everyday lives. Unless you live out in the woods, 24/7, with no source of technology or newspaper print, then you probably at least encounter an advertisement or two every single day.

It all starts in your own home. Commercials are an obvious one in between our favorite television shows or programs. Streaming applications such as YouTube or Hulu have ads that usually play at the beginning of each video stream. Then there are the printed magazine ads that you look through when you’re on the toilet, or the daily newspaper ads, usually looked at by an older generation every morning while eating breakfast and drinking coffee. Even when you check your mail on the way out there are usually unwanted coupons/ads sent to your house.

As you leave to go about your day you are encountered with ads. They may be playing on the radio station that you’re listening to in your car or printed on the side of the bus that you ride every day. As you’re driving, take a look around every so often at the side of the road. See that big, lit up, printed sign on a pole? Billboards are EVERYWHERE along the roads and are a constant advertisement being viewed by all travelers.

Throughout your day you probably use some sort of social media website, correct? Well if you do, then you know social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. use ads (usually linked to things you like) in your newsfeed. Even when you stop to use any public restroom you occasionally see an advertisement or poster up on the wall.

So as long as you’re living “on the grid” you will encounter these ads daily that are meant to keep products or services in the eyes and ears of the consumer. Advertisements are the most powerful tools in marketing today, that come in many different shapes and forms. They draw in revenue and create an image for the companies that utilize them.

So if you’re sick of seeing ads, you might want to consider building a cabin, atop a mountain which rests on an isolated island in the middle of unchartered waters, and spend the rest of your days without a tv, radio, wifi, cable, cell phone, telephone, or any sort of media print, etc. and just enjoy the peace and quiet sounds of nature.

Or just keep watching the ads and subconsciously buying these products that are being advertised. That’s most likely what I’ll do…